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af , søndag 11. marts, 2018
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Hi guys! Im back! (As if anybody still cares) Anyway, whoever is reading this, I'd like to say thank you for sticking around although I haven't been active for a long time (more like dead on this website) Anyways, I tried a lot of times to update my stories here but unfortunately I cannot upload using my phone (android user here). So even though I have new chapters to upload, I cant. I dont have a laptop anymore too. So if you wanna read my stories go check out my wattpad account!

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  • Lady PenneHand

    mumbled "Junie Isabelle Chraming"

    Hi guys! I will be deleting my first story, Junie Isabelle Charming. Actually, I'm gonna do a major reconstruction with it so I have to take it down first. But I hope you keep supporting me! I love you Pennies!!
  • Lady PenneHand

    mumbled "The Psychopath"

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    You guys are awesome! My heart feels so overwhelmed everytime I read all of your comments. It makes me want to update right here right now. Unfortunately I'm in a writer's block stage as of the moment but I promise when I update I wont let you down. I love you my Pennies! Much love xx
  • Lady PenneHand
    This story has a potential!! But a few suggestions (which you dont have to do) I thinks you should have little breaks in between the killings. Maybe slow it down a bit. And a little bit more details on why slash does what slash does. it doesnt have to be done right away but yeah. little breaks in between the killings. :)
    Never Sleep Again
    Never Sleep Again
    *Rated yellow so everybody can read it, but if you don't like or can't handle bloody, gory, or scary stuff then don't read it* If you think this isn't that scary, well I'm working to make it more scary...
  • Lady PenneHand

    mumbled "I cant update for a very long time because...."

    My computer is not working. actually it is but the internet isnt and i dont have a smartphone/iphone :(
  • Lady PenneHand

    mumbled "I'm starting a filipino story."

    Actually, I'm starting two filipino stories. One is The Crow's Feather (Full Story), and Of All The Stars. A Celeb loves ordinary girl story. there.
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