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I'm fab �� jk! I have 3 internet besties!

  • Serenity_Irwin_

    Vid I posted in the bio for the story HOPEFULLY it works here... If not.. I'm sad XD
    I Don't Deserve Her
    I Don't Deserve...
    Eridan Ampora made a horrible decision of not showing how much he loved his darling Feferi Peixes. He didn't realize it until she was gone. 2 years later he sees her happy and with Sollux Captor. He still...
  • Serenity_Irwin_
    Cover store:
    Author: Serenity_Irwin_
    Title: That Girl Is Mine
    Subtitle: "She's mine, don't touch."
    Picture: Anything with a cute realistic FemalexFemale picture
    3D: If it looks good feel free to go right on ahead and do it

    Please and thanks :3 <3333
    Cover Store // opened for a limited time
    Cover Store // ope...
    I've been making covers for more than a year now and I think I'd like to make some for others
    4 years ago
    i'll get started on this :))
    4 years ago
    Your cover is done. Higher quality:
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