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I love the fantasy genre with a bit of adventure. I love to have romance in my books and let it flow in a nice way. I love to have gore in my books and a lot of blood. So welcome to my side. The place for adventure with gore deaths and romance.

  • Salthemor

    mumbled "Help! Salthe Help needed!"

    3 days agoSvar

    So. I chose to make my own killing game Novel for Danganronpa. I need Sixteen Talents for ultimates. If you have any idea. Please help Salthemor!
  • Salthemor

    mumbled "Anyone?"

    4 days agoSvar
    So do anyone know the reason why I can't put me cover on my books?
    Jadessa Crowe
    4 days ago
    Pictures haven't been working for me for a month! I've emailed Movellas and haven't heard back :( people tell me that the app works for them but I only have a computer
    3 days ago
    @[Salthemor] yes, the app works and so do the tools for the covers. If you have a phone then I'd suggest downloading it to upload your covers!

    @[Jadessa Crowe] I inboxed you!
    3 days ago
    I can't seem to find the app. I use andorid phone and I only app I can find allows me to read. Not edit anything.
  • Salthemor

    mumbled "There we go Salthemor!"

    4 days agoSvar

    Finally, I finished the second book in my Fairy soul series named Red war of Vampires. Now on to the third book notes and story ideas...Thanks for those who still stick around for my most successful series. Thanks for reading the second book and hope to see you around in the third!
  • Salthemor

    mumbled "That moment when!"

    1 weeks agoSvar

    One of your favorites dies in your game. I'm so sad. The second victim had to be her. She was one of the nicer once :(
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