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Creativity 99 - Motivation 1
I mainly write action movellas and have a tendency to write quite dark. It's not my fault, it just happens :o
I am currently writing Vortex, although, not getting very far because I always go back and change little things and spend far too much time trying to develop my characters >.<

When it comes down to something that is based on opinion and not fact, like music, books, films.. There's really no good or bad and no wrongs or rights because it all comes down to personal preference.

  • Ry E. Hartley
    I'm interested :o
    After the Chernobyl accident in 1986 strange paranormal activity has been sighted inside the barrier. Several police officers strangely gone missing. There mangled body's were found inside the Chernobyl...
  • Ry E. Hartley
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    I read the first chapter and I was like 'well, that was short lived.' xD A bit of CC, lot bit more descriptive writing wouldn't go a miss. What did the woods look like? What did the village look like? you could've described that in a way that would have the reader surprised that it was a dream, but that would lengthen the story tenfold :) Nevertheless, I really, really love it :3 You have a great story and have laid the foundations for bigger things :D
    The Demon of Idun and the Sorceress of Earth|ON HOLD
    The Demon of Idun...
    Fifteen year old Vera Ellisson was hiking along the Appalachian trail when she suddenly felt a pulse from a rather large oak tree. Upon touching the bark, Vera is pulled from the trail-and basically her...
    Ry E. Hartley
    3 years ago
    You're welcome :)
  • Ry E. Hartley
    That last one struck a chord :(
    Midnight Thinking*
    Midnight Thinking*
    A "diary" about whatever I think of at night. Not exactly midnight, but you get the point. It can just be what I might be thinking at the end of the day because if I stayed up 'til midnight to write this...
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