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  • rubber_soul_01

    mumbled "Quotes"

    his neat little soul found her disturbing

    been reading 'The Mysterious Mr Quin' as part of my summer reading. I also joined goodread and got some banging books lined up...
  • rubber_soul_01

    mumbled "QOTD or maybe month..."

    “There is in every madman a misunderstood genius"

    Also sort of abandoned my QOTD thing so heres one I found dong my Drama homework- I have loads of graphic design books I write my quotes in but i left them at home :/

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    mumbled "Updates!"

    Hey everyone! I haven't been around in ages but heyyyoooo! Ive just updated my first two chapters of 'Lucy' if ya'll would check that out I would love it :) Cant believe 800 people have read it, means a LOT!
    Thanks everyonneeeeee <3
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