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  • Rosemsh

    mumbled "Persecuted by a shadow"

    7 years agoSvar

    I was with some of my friends at the restaurant. When we have to order the waiter came. We thought that he would ask us if we wanted to order something now, but he did not. He asked for permission to take a photo with him and me in it. I said no.

    When we had eaten we had to pay. The waiter who wanted to take a picture came to our table again. When we had paid we left. It was very cold and very dark outside. When I walked through the small side streets, I could see the shadow of a tall, skinny man who followed me. I turned my head slowly, but I could not see anyone.

    I speeded up my walk, but the shadow followed still after me. I could feel someone breathe behind me. I walked even faster, and kept looking back. Suddenly I could see the person’s silhouette in the dark, and a deep voice shout “stop”!.

    Now I ran as fast as I could. My legs were very tired, but I could not stop. I was crisscrossing and suddenly I fall and hurt my leg badly. I could see a man getting closer. I first saw his forehead also I could see some dark brown eyes and a small mouth. When I could see all of his face I knew who it was.
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