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  • rockitniall23
    thank you for being courteous and interested in my movella. i appreciate it. i have updated just so you know. so feel free to give me ideas on my next chappie!
  • rockitniall23
    Hey I know I haven't updated in like 6 months but my phone crashed as nd my laptop did too. so I can't write on movellas anymore. but check me out on wattpad my account is @justified_hoes0512 I'm gonna write a story!! give me some ideas. again so Sorry especially apologies to @umimmomdad Ik you've been waiting. I'm Sorry.
    we kidnapped a vampire
    we kidnapped a vam...
    5 years ago
    actually i can now
  • rockitniall23
    oh my god I'm so turned on
    Kiss Me Hard
    Kiss Me Hard
    Kendall and Niall never planned on falling for each other. It just happened. But could their short-lived, two week romance become more? Or would it just their little secret? It would've been the perfect...
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