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I'm a girl who enjoys disappearing into a world someone has put their heart into creating.
I'm a girl who enjoys dreaming and thinking.
A girl who has passions, as well as weaknesses.
I'm a simple girl. A girl who'd like to create a world for you to disappear in.

  • Risushi

    mumbled "☀ I'll Give You the Sun ☀"

    1 years agoSvar

    Just finished I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson - and can I just say wow. It was such an amazing read! The book is a gorgeous and chaotic mess. It took my breath away, I cried and I laughed. The writing was vivid and her characters vibrant. Oh, sweet Clark Gable, I miss them already!!
    1 years ago
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    It looks beautiful
  • Risushi
    1 years agoSvar
    Oh my oo This is amazing! Thank you so much!
    And congratulations to @[Jo Hernanto] and @[Le Fox] ! Both such well written stories!
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