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HIIIII. my favs: YouTube, TFIOS, Harry potter, Glee, CONNOR FRANTA, SAM POTTORFF, RICKY DILLON, JC CAYLEN, MARCUS BUTLER, Joey Graceffa, Panic! At the Disco, 5SOS, JOHN GREEN, DIVERGENT, THEO JAMES!! shall I go on...... So... That's my life XD

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    oh. my. i. need. more. lolol
    Broken Wands
    Broken Wands
    Harry Potter attempts to mask his feelings for Draco Malfoy as they plunge into their third year at Hogwarts, and Draco does the same.
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    mumbled "im back!!"

    hey you guys! so... i literally have not been online in like a year, buuut i am back because i now ACTUALLY have time! so i am starting a new story up called Migraine, the preview comes out in a couple days, annnd no one is probably reading this because i was never online soo everyone probably unfollowed me.. oh well if you are still following me then THANK YOU AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU! i hope you like it <3

    bye beauties
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    mumbled "I hope you'll forgive me😁"

    Guys... I feel so bad that I haven't written anything in a while... So I'm staying up all night for the next week catching you guys up on Say Something
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    mumbled "I feel soooooo bad!!!"

    Hi guys! School is starting soon so I have been packed with stuff to do. I'm typing my next chapter now and the next 2 should be out tomorrow soooo... Love you all... Sorry about the picture! But do snapchat me!! Hpgirl912 is my name!!!
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