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I love to meet new people and all my friends tell me I am crazy but hey - the world needs a few crazy people dotted around!
If you ever need to get something off your shoulders or just want to chat then hit me up!

  • Rain Evangeline

    mumbled "Stuffnesssss!"

    How ya all?
    I am sitting on my chair, doing exactly what - I'm not sure.
    The sun was and still is shining today! YAY! And it hasn't rained for a full 48 hours....... dare i suggest, should the words even exit my mouth and make my fingers type on the keyboard that shows on the screen the words and now that i think about it, i don't know what i didn't dare say before.
    I'm defo good at doing that!
    Oh and thanks @[Shaun JH Nightshade] for all the story recommendations that appear every day - its great to know what to read so thanks!!!!
    all the love, Rain xx
    10 hours ago
    흥미로운 것 같습니다.
    10 hours ago
    Yes it is interesting.
    9 hours ago
  • Rain Evangeline

    mumbled "Allsorts but not liquorice.."

    Hello all you lovely peoples!

    It's raining. How unusual. England never gets rain! (Please note the sarcasm)

    Has your day been good in all of your many weathered countries?

    This mumble is pretty pointless. Might as well admit that.

    Oh by the way happy valentines day in advance!
    Anyone else in a long distance relationship?

    Oh, a note for my friend Blondie - why the dickens (not Charles) did you tell me that peas are green!?!?!

    Here is a fact about me: my new fav film is 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' it's quite the teat jerker.

    I'm cold. But actually it was warm today. Got to 5 degrees!

    Well that's enough from me!
    Look forward to chatting to the people out there who like chatting!

    Please smile at something. Even if it is a chair.
    Buckets of love... Rain xx (no pun intended).
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    Food is good
    Shaun JH Nightshade
    I read the book a few years ago and it is good, not seen the film yet :)
    Rain Evangeline
    1 weeks ago
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    @[Shaun JH Nightshade] I watched it on a plane! Apparently it is different to the book.....
  • Rain Evangeline

    mumbled "♧ Appreciation ♧"

    I just want to say thank you to @[SHABZY] for being such a wonderful friend to me, sticking close through the thick and thin. I really appreciate the time that you willingly spend chatting to me and I cant tell you enough how much I appreciate being able to tell you anything and you actually care.
    So thank you.
    Love, Rain xx
    3 weeks ago
    awwww no problem!! im happy to help an amazing person like you!!
    Much love to you xxx thank you for ur sweet words :)
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