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Oi!! Hazel-chan here! well I'm new and I'm not a good writer but I'm gonna post some stories, depending on what fandom am I on! *sweatdrop* I'll try my best to impress You guys *blows a kiss* Thank You!!

  • zam-ida

    mumbled "New story"

    1 weeks agoSvar
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    Greetings everyone!! I am making a new story! Please check it out. I recently just thought about it. It's about these students who went on a field trip without knowing that they've been followed by demons(It's cringe I know.) Please just check it out. Thank you.

    1 weeks ago
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    Sure! You should check out the newest book I wrote ��
  • zam-ida

    mumbled "I'm sorry Guys. "

    7 months agoSvar
    Greetings, I just want to tell you that I cant really write another chapters due to school, I'm still trying my best to write some and hopefully I can post it soon and just to let you guys know that I am not that good on writing stories and I might publish 2 stories.... Thank you guys and Bye.. Have a good day/night.

    Hazeel-Chan out~!

    Mona Mathur
    6 months ago
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