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Movellas user from October 2012 to September 2014.

Was online August 2015 because one of my stories was reposted onto wattpad.com (plagiarised). The content has now been taken down, but I will be keeping a close eye on my story in case it happens again. Thank you to everyone who helped me get the reposted content deleted from wattpad!

  • Queen of The Dragon-Owls

    mumbled "My story has been stolen and I need your help. #thelastmoondragon "

    I left this site eleven months ago, but I'm back for five minutes and I need your help.
    My story "The Last Moon Dragon" has been reposted onto wattpad.com by a user who is not me. Now, this story is incredibly old and kind of embarrassing, but I put a lot of effort into it at the time that I wrote it and I am extremely angry that this has occurred.


    It would help me a lot if any wattpad users could help me by reporting this user and story. I don't know how wattpad works so I would really appreciate your help. I have contacted the site and reported it for plagiarism but I'm worried that they won't notice it or nothing will happen.

    The user has copied the EXACT text. The blurb and chapters are the same. This is my writing. They have also created a YouTube trailer, I don't know if anyone has a YouTube account on here but I would appreciate it if you guys could report that too, even if it's for indecency or violence or whatever, I just want it taken down. Once the story has been deleted from wattpad (hopefully along with the user) I will consider deleting all my work from this site to avoid this happening again.

    I would be so happy if you could help me, as you can probably guess I am extremely upset by this. Thank you.

    - Billie Harrison ("Queen of the Dragon-Owls")

    #movellasstaff #plagiarism #stolenstory #fantasy #oldmovellian
    Queen of The Dragon-Owls
    Thank you to anyone who reported the user, the wattpad team have got back to me and the content has been disabled. Thank you everyone! I'll be leaving TLMD on here but everything else will be deleted. I just don't want to risk any more plagiarism. Thank you all xx
    5 years ago
    It's a good thing you were able to stop it. I know a lot of plagiarized stuff doesn't get taken down or causes drama.
    5 years ago

    Is this the YouTube trailer? I want to make sure before I report it. @[Queen of The Dragon-Owls]
    Queen of The Dragon-Owls
    @[Sparrow3183] yes, that's the one. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it
  • Queen of The Dragon-Owls

    mumbled "Quote for the mumble below."

    Bye everyone, keep writing please x
    6 years ago
    OMG dammit! If you leave, who will bother to read my stuff! jk :) Sorry you're not gonna be on here any more. :(
  • Queen of The Dragon-Owls

    mumbled "Goodbye ^_^"

    (This quote made me think of you guys.)
    Dear Movellas.com and its users,

    I shall keep things short and sweet. This isn't a sudden or sad occurrence, considering I haven't really been online for a good few months.
    Thank you so much for all the support and love over the past years, I've had a great time on this site but as I don't really post any more I've decided to make my absence definite. I will be leaving all my "work" on here (and to anyone who continues to read it - thank you, past me would be extremely happy).
    Again I give my thanks to everyone who has ever liked or commented, it does mean a lot to me.
    Good bye x
    6 years ago
    I'll miss you! :(
    6 years ago
    aww bye :(
    N. Tonks
    6 years ago
    All the best x
    White Ravens
    6 years ago
    I'll miss you so much! But good luck for the future and please keep writing even if it's not on here! You're so talented and I'd love to maybe be able to read your work again someday on the library shelves!! :D x
  • Queen of The Dragon-Owls

    mumbled "200 fans... O_O"

    Thank you! First time I've logged on in a while and it was a nice surprise ^w^
    6 years ago
    Congrats! :)
  • Queen of The Dragon-Owls

    mumbled "STANDSTILL - Zombie/Walking Dead Competition"

    I finally finished my entry, after sitting around for a week trying to think of a decent idea. I'm fairly proud of it, although I'm not entirely sure that It sticks to the competition brief XD Ah, well.
    Standstill (Zombie/Walking Dead...My entry for the zombie themed competition. Rated yellow for a touch of gore and violence.

    It's fairly short for a competition with a 3,000 word limit, I suppose, but hopefully that makes it a bit easier to read than my usual narrative ramblings with paragraphs so dense you could build houses on them. :3