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❝what a treacherous thing to believe
that a person is more than a person.❞
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  • projectjb

    mumbled "Update: Chapter five (Lessons In Love)"

    5 years agoSvar

    Early update of Lessons In Love, please check it out :) Here's my second character visual: Tally's brother Austin Matthews is played by Austin Mahone!
  • projectjb

    mumbled "Update: Lessons In Love"

    5 years agoSvar

    Just updated Chapter 4 of my Harry Styles fic 'Lessons In Love'! I'm suuuuper sorry for the long wait, but I plan on updating this weekend by the latest. Please be sure to fave, like and comment <3 Kendall Jenner is who I pictured as Tallulah (Tally) Matthews!
    More visuals to come :)
5 years ago
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