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I'm a normal girl who has an unhealthly obsession with way too many bands. I struggle with self-harm but no hate. I'm always here if you need to talk.
One Direction
Black Veil Brides
My Chemical Romance
Dr. Dre
5 Seconds of Summer
The Offspring
Beastie Boys
Ed Sheeran
Linkin Park
3 Doors Down
Little Mix
Panic! At the Disco
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Script

  • PainLoveMusic
    Guys I feel really bad about this, but due to some complications, I'm going to take my stories down. My Little Rebel will be on Wattpad, but I'm discontinuing Luck of the Irish. If you want to finish it, message me. The first person to do so will get all the rights to the story. Good luck and again I'm sorry.
  • PainLoveMusic
    Sorry it been so long! I just updated. It terrible but still.
    Luck of the Irish
    Luck of the Irish
    Brianna Payne is unlucky. Her dad left them when she was two, her mum works three jobs, and her sister is schizophrenic. When tragedy strikes and she is forced to live with a cousin she's never met, Brianna...
  • PainLoveMusic
    I'm back b*tches!!! Updates may be slow, but yeah. Sorry it's taken so long but I had a lot of personal stuff going on and just couldn't focus on writing. I'm updating Luck of the Irish now, and will update MLR soon.
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    mumbled "Leaving"

    I'm really sorry about this, but I'm having a really hard time continuing my stories, and I'm taking them down. Lately I've been thinking about re-posting them on Wattpad, but I'm waiting until I get more ideas. It's extremely difficult to do, but I'm never on Movellas anymore, and let's face it, Wattpad doesn't glitch as much, and it's easier to navigate. Again, I'm so sorry everyone. I'm not deleting my account, maybe one day I'll finish up everything, but as of now, I'm going to stop using Movellas for a while.
    5 years ago
    I'll miss you and you're writing while you're gone
  • PainLoveMusic
    plz plz plz plz plz plz update!
    Yours (Book 2)
    Yours (Book 2)
    After waking up in the hospital, Charlotte has to coupe with the fact that the past 6 months didn't happen. Coming to realize that the whole thing was a fake, she is ripped out of her normal home in London...
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