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I live to write - it's my passion. I'm seventeen years old and I live in Denmark. I will rather speak and write in English than Danish, because I don't really like the Danish language.

  • DedicatedDirectioner4ever
    Absolutely amazing work! I love it! <3 :)
    Who I Am
    Who I Am
    This is a poem that I wrote (and had to perform) for an English assessment. I thought I'd share it all with you :) It's a little different to the one I actually performed in class. This is the edited...
    No problem, sweetheart, your work really are amazing <3 Keep doing what you're doing and you'll end up as one of the best! <3 The only thing you maybe have to look at, will be your gramma <3 Some of the words starts with a big letter, where it shouldn't, and stuff like that, but I'm sure you'll figure that out <3 I can't wait to see you on the toplist some day <3 :D
    3 years ago
    If you're talking about my grammar near the top of the poem with random capitalisation, it's meant to be like that ^-^ They're song titles, and so that's how I've written it :) And thank you so so much, this honestly means so much to me :) <3
    Oh okay, it actually is what I meant, so it's great that you explain that to me <3 :D
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    GLÆDER MIG TIL AT LÆSE! Iiiiih! Elsker Dayn (Mit shipnavn til Zayn & Drew)❤️❤️❤️
    Special edition: Christmas Is The New Black
    Special edition:...
    • Det anbefales at læse ”Karma Is The New Black” først, da movellaen er en special edition til serien • Tag med Zayn og Drew på magiske eventyr denne jul, når de sammen skaber minder for livet midt i...
    SELV TAK! Du er en FANTASTISK forfatter! ❤️❤️
  • DedicatedDirectioner4ever
    I don't really know what to think. The concept of the story is very great, but your gramma fails, so I can't understand, what you're trying to tell. Ex. What does "e" mean? It just doesn't make any sense to me. And your slang - when you describe - is not a good idea. You're a good writer, but keep the slang out please? At least out of the descriptions in her/his head.
    Great job, I look forward to read more! :)
    The Devil's Last Dance
    The Devil's Last...
    This shall be my last dance. (Cover Artist: River Summers)
    Le Fox
    4 years ago
    Thanks! This is all unedited because of NaNo, which is where all the typos come from. Can you point out where the slang is; I'm usually not very good at identifying things like that.
    You're welcome!

    Oh, I'm sorry, what is NaNo?

    Uhm ... I guess it's just misspelled words, now when I look at it again.

    But I still don't understand, what there is supposed to stand, when there's only standing "e", in the start of the story?
  • DedicatedDirectioner4ever
    WOW! Den er virkelig god!
    Og du er virkelig god til at skrive! Dine formuleringer passer godt til historien. Din grammatik er som den skal være - lidt småfejl, men intet du skal bekymre dig særlig meget over. Jeg håber din klasse vinder den konkurrence, for det fortjener I virkelig! ❤️❤️����
    Min klasse er tilmeldt en konkurrence omkring Kærestevold, og jeg tænkte jeg ville dele den med jer. Skriv gerne hvad I syntes
    4 years ago
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    Tak, havde lidt stress da jeg skrev det, så kan godt forstå den er lidt dårlig, angående grammatik ��
    Så lidt! :D

    Hehe, det kender jeg godt! :D <3

    Den er ikke dårlig - grammatikken fejler bare nogle steder, hvilket ikke gør noget som helst! :D <3
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    KYS KYS KYS KYS!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    One Direction | Bro Code
    One Direction |...
    Da Julie Payne blev dumpet og derved fuldstændig knust af sin kæreste, blev der samtidig lavet en bro code mellem hendes storebror og hans bedsteven – Liam Payne og Harry Styles. Pagten er underskrevet...
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