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Hi!! As you can see, the name's Jade. I have naturally red hair, though I like to die the tips a lot. My eyes do change colors, and you can tell they do (As they go from purple to grey a lot) I am both a city, and country girl. I tend to move a lot. I'm a navy brat (Which is technically why I move a lot).
I am usually much smaller then people my age. I have short term memory loss and get bored VERY easily. I skate, play guitar, and drums, play football and baseball and basketball. Which is probably why my friends call me a tomboy...
My favorite holiday is ABSOLUTELY Halloween. A lot of girls bully me, which is why my best friends are guys. I'd be lying if I said I didn't act anything like a rebel... I'm not exactly proud of it, but its who I am. I LOVE classic rock, and hate stupid boy pop bands (AKA one direction, Justin beaver, big time rush...) in fact I hate pop music in general, so please don't hate, fan girls. Honestly, my profile pic looks almost exactly like me. (Although at the moment my eyes are green.) and my hair tips are dyed blood red right now for Halloween, and I have many freckles. I'm one of those people who look really skinny and scrawny so I usually get a lot of money arm wrestling and things like that.. I LOVE SODA And I know its bad for you and stuff but I don't really care. I eat a lot of junk food and soda and desserts, but nothing ever happens. And sure you think im 'lucky' but its not fun being so short and scrawny. I have a golden retriever, and I got him a doggy vest that like blind people have on their dogs, so I can take him to the grocery store and stuff with me. I think yolo is stupid and mainstream so I say LLL (Livin Like Larry)... And that's all I can think of... Yeah so I have a very interesting life...

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    The 76th Hunger Games Victor
    The 76th Hunger...
    Twelve year old, Jayde Rosendale is the victor of the 76th annual Hunger Games. But when she returns home after the Victor's Tour, her finds out she's a witch and will be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft...
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    Harry Potter Imagines
    Harry Potter Imagi...
    This is a book where i will be doing imagines in the world of harry potter (I do not own harry potter, J.K Rowling dose, but i an using it), and I will be writing them with my 2 buddies, Jennifer, and...
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    mumbled "Dragon ball fanfiction"

    So I was thinking about making a Dragon Ball fanfiction...yah. I know. Ima geek. Deal with it. But if I did I would have to put one of two of my other books on hold for a bit so I need to know what you think about it? should I do it?
    L. L. Lovecraft
    6 years ago
    You should definitely do it :D (got your first reader right here)
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    Because I got one fan, I am working on the second chapter right now. Just a heads up. Thanks for reading!!
    The Real Story (Harry Potter Fanfic)
    The Real Story (Ha...
    So you've heard the story about harry potter and how he defeated Voldemort and all that... But you haven't heard the real story. The story of Harry Potters sister. The story nobody was aloud to tell,...
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