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Realist ~ Skrivning & Musik ~ Livet er en leg

"Kan du ikke være et godt eksempel, så vær en grufuld advarsel."

  • Nirp
    1 weeks agoSvar
    Is it necessary to write which option you chose? Because my poem could easily fit under both 1 & 2.
    Chrissy Sky
    1 weeks ago
    @[Nirp ] It's not possible that your entry fits into both 1 & 2. Option 1 must consist of a singular poem based on the themes found in the extract, whereas Option 2 is a "collection of poems" involving character development, meaning you must write 3 or more poems that are linked in some way and show a progressive story or emotional growth (or anything along those lines).

    Essentially, you have to decide which one of the options you're going to enter into. Remember though - you are allowed a maximum of 3 entries so if you want to do both options you can write two separate entries (one a singular poem and one a poetry collection).

    I hope that clears things up for you. :)
  • Nirp
    2 years agoSvar
    The one thing that would make a good alien story, would be if the reader led to believe something different than what is actually going on in the story. If I was to write such a story, it would be where we get introduced to someone arriving on a new planet, and we hear it from the residents point of view. To them, of course, these newcomers are aliens. The story should be about exploring the different depths of what makes the two aliens to each other. It could definitely take on some sci-fi elements and make up some different kind of relationships between the two species. The main focus should be how these two different species will learn to adapt to one another and life on a different planet, and maybe the 'aliens' should end up taking some of the other people with them home.
    And then it would be nice to reveal that who we thought were aliens all along, were actually humans and turn the story around a little bit.
  • Nirp
    4 years agoSvar
    Helt klart serien Jordens Børn, som jeg endnu ikke er færdig med. Det er en fantastisk rejse man går igennem i de bøger, og det har virkelig været det værd at bruge al min tid opslugt med dem.
  • Nirp
    4 years agoSvar
    Keep on going, it's a great story :)
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