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hey guys so my name is Annabella and i love writting.i love to create fan fictions and just write. i would love to be a writer because i enjoy it so much. i enjoy reading. i also love to get inspired by songs, the lyrics of the songs i like to write a story for it.i am always thinking of story ideas and storys to write. so if you ever spend anytime looking at any of my movellas thank you,it means a lot<3

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    hey guys so sorry i havent posted a chapter to any of my movellas yet,its just that i am so busy this week. like i have this french poster due friday and then i have play practise almost every night and tomorrow we are doing the play and today we did the play. so it is just so stressful,oh ya and did i mentinon the french test i have on friday? so that means i will have to study for it on thursday and hopfully i dont have too much homework on the weekend.:) also just to let all of you wonderful people know that in the movella "enchanted" i am going to have a contest, i havent written anything about it but dont worry hopefully i will write somthing about it soon. for "girl stolen" i am soo sorry i havent written a chapter but it takes time and i am just coming up with more ideas with it. now for the movella "they cant know about us" i am going to try and update that one as soon as possible. now thats all i wanted to tell you guys and i just wanted to say thanks for the 8 fans,it is lovely and i love it! also remember to read my movellas and favourite them,like them and comment your thoughts.
    thats it for now,