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A Delhiite tasting the Bombay sea breeze!

I'm a Media Student and yes I love reading and writing. And of course- I love Movellas. This is where it all started :)

I am not sure whether I will be active here or whether I'll post my work but you can drop a message here to start a conversation, I love meeting new people. Also, I can give you some CC on your work :)

You can connect with me on Instagram: mercury_chap_poetry

If you ever visit Bombay, just message me, I'm more than happy to be your guide!

The 'Chubby' One

af , mandag 31. juli, 2017
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The 'Chubby' One

“Beauty is skin deep.”

I see the caption under a picture and I read it again and again

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  • Mercury Chap

    mumbled "Need Serious Help"

    4 months agoSvar
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    PaintA short write-up I wrote for my creative writing class. I wrote something after a long time (a very long time), so it's pretty rough. I need to restart...

    I wrote something after a long time and it's serious for me since I hadn't written for a long time. Maybe it's writer's block or just general stress in life but I wasn't able to write no matter how much I tried. My creative writing class helped me overcome this to a small degree right now and I feel what I wrote isn't as good as my past work but good enough for starters. BUT I really need some constructive criticism or just a general opinion since I have the wish to improve again.
    Rain :)
    4 months ago
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    I shall give it a read. :)
  • Mercury Chap

    mumbled "Hey, I'm alive"

    8 months agoSvar
    Hello everyone, I still exist :)

    This Mumble was not to let you all know whether I exist or not or whether I exist in your memory. This is just a result of me going back to my old times and stalking myself on all social media platforms. Because it's true- we all need to look back from time to time. Our history is what created us. And Movellas is a big part of who I am today. So I'm here, again after a year or more than year or two years...(?? not sure) No I am not a big writer as I thought i'll be when I joined this place, and yes, I am not the same vibrant person who thought she could conquer the world and was playing the main part in the movie of life. I have changed a lot.

    Last year was a year of changes, I joined college, came to live in a new city, met new strangers who eventually turned out to be family, broke every rule on my way, and tried my best not to let the world's negativity get me. But, oh, it does get me from time to time. Still I fight myself with all my energy to stay. It's difficult at times. How I want to be the same person in 2014... I had dreams, I had hopes, I had aspirations, I had ambitions and most importantly, I was brave. But anyone can be brave when they are blind to the truth. I wish my mental state could go back as it was when I was 14. It's not been long since then, but I have worn out... Still, somehow I am alive... And I just want to say Hi again. :)

    I hope all of you are having a good time in this world.
    Mercury Chap
    8 months ago
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    @[SnowPotato_] that's great!! University is fun, you will have a great time :)
    I am in Mumbai now, pursuing Mass Media, exploring this city, attending events and all. Made really good friends here, my first year of college was amazing, hopefully this year will be too :)
    8 months ago
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    Gosh, you're literally living as Bollywood movie scenario xD Soooo lucky
    Mercury Chap
    7 months ago
    @[SnowPotato_] Man, along with the Bollywood fun, I'm living Bollywood tragedies too so it's not too lucky for me xD
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