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I am Maddison Nickola Reilly I'm 19 and I live in Galway Ireland.
I am the youngest of 5 children. 3 boys, 2 girls...
Don't ever try to be what you're not!
Always Stay Beautiful xx

  • Maddie_NR

    mumbled "Good & Bad News!"

    6 years agoSvar
    Good News;
    I came home early and I will be updating!!
    Bad News; I found a spot in Florida and I'll be moving June 17 meaning I won't be abe to update for a while...
    Stay Beautiful! xx
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    mumbled "Oooh No Bro!!"

    6 years agoSvar

    I'm putting my stories on hold for a while...
    I'm going to Florida and I should be back home by June 9th!
    Stay Beautiful! xx
    Love you all!!
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    mumbled "Im a failure"

    6 years agoSvar
    I haven't been posting lately cause I've been super busy preparing for graduation, visiting the U.S. Its been super stressful so I'll try to post ASAP!
    Stay beautiful xx
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    mumbled "More about me"

    6 years agoSvar
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    Drew: 38
    Tyler: 26
    Emmie: 21
    Me: 18, I'll be 19 this friday!!
    Mum: 58
    Dad: 61
    Favorite artists:
    Ariana Grande
    Bruno Mars
    Ed Sheeren
    Taylor Swift (no hate)
    Fall Out Boy
    Katy Perry
    Chris Brown
    I could go on all day :
    Thats it...
    6 years ago
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    I LOVE ARIANA GRANDE! If you look at my recent mumbles, you will see some gifs of her!
    6 years ago
    Umh.. I don't think so bro! I looove her way more cause of The Way her voice sounds. Ahaha
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