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    It's great, Dit Dit!
    Kaos i Dalmenborg
    Kaos i Dalmenborg
    Det er juleaften. En mand er hoppet ud fra en bro over nogle togskinner og togene bliver forsinket. Det skaber meget kaos på togstationen der fører til en konflikt mellem to MEGET forskellige personligheder....
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    mumbled "Part two of the tag-thingie"

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    Horseshoe (For luck ;-) ): I have a tendency of speaking a lot... (In case you haven't noticed...)

    That-elephant-butt-bookstand-my-aunt-got-me: My favorite music is Rock. Like Marilyn Manson(Some of it is actually pretty good...) Black Veil Brides (My favorite <3 ), Falling In Reverse (Seriously, 'Caught Like A Fly' is gold!) adn Breaking Benjamin. Stuff like that... (#Emo)

    9 ('Cause I am capable of being this boring): My father was born in the Netherlands and my mother on Greenland. (I was two days from being born in the USA) yet I still ended up in Denmark... (Guess Greenland is partly Denmark...)

    That person who coughs ('cause seriously, whenever there is supposed to be quit somebody coughs): If anyone has any request, feel free to ask ;-) (For exsample translating a chapter of one of my stories, or writing a new one with your character/plot/whatever)

    Poem: I never think anything I do is good enough, which is apparently really annoying to everyone involved... (Sorry .'( (Sad Daijon Smiley))

    Baby-in-a-trenchcoat: I ride dressage. Which is really not as easy as it seems. Because I get really close to my horses, I buy them young (3-4 years old) so everything they know I have taught them (exept Plet) and Janna we even bred ourselves! (Her mother sadly passed away 2014, since she got a colic attack and could not be saved)

    I-am-running-out-of-things-to-write: My favorite series of books is The Ranger's Apprentice, by John Flanagan. My favorite television series is... well... Supernatural, Doctor Who, Ghost Adventures and so (Loooooooong list...)

    Rabbit: My favorite animal is the pika. It is this cute hare/mouse thingie, that eats plants, but when birds die, it steals their corpses and eats their brains... It's cute though...

    Cas: I am th 'daughter' of Poseidon, in case you wanted to know. Nothing's better than riding ont the beach and in the sea!!!!

    Police!: I am not overly fon of romans. (They invented some of the coolest means of torture. Which is not a good thing. Also, once a Roman declared war on my 'father', wich basically means an army of roman soldiers threw spear into the ocean. Alos, ain't declaring war on Poseidon not sorta... Blasphemy towards their own religion? Basically romans were a bunch of Hitlers... (Of course not all of them!))

    15: My favorite egypthian god is Anubis. My favorite greek is Poseidon (Obviously...) and my favortite Norse god? Well... Loki... he's... half-god... ish... He's Odin's blood-brother, but that's about it...

    That was that! Any questions, feel free to ask!
    I tag the following:

    Have fun guys! (And don't walk into doors!!!)
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    mumbled "(As before mentioned, it is custom to give these things a title, there fore I will not)"

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    Okay, let's try again.
    I was tagged by @[The Sunprincess] to do 15 facts about myself, which basically means this probably is going to be pretty boring... (Also, some of the stuff I wrote before is lost and I cannot remember all of it :-( )
    Okay... so where was I? oh... It says where I was in the line above... Whatever, I'm to lazy to delete it... (Guess I ain't a cyberman then. Yay!)

    Goldfish: Well, let's see... I am very good at walking into doors, walls and furniture. I am also pretty good at randomly attacking the floor. (Some times backwards)

    Banana: I often have to read a word twice to get it right, which often cause some pretty awkward situations. Like when I was having x-ray (Walked into a door. Suspected crack in some bone in the wrist) and I was talking about a whole differen tthing than the word the nurse wrote on the paper. (Guess 'Ketchup' ain't the same as 'kilogram'...)

    Banana: I am the lucky (Well, i would say 'owner', but I am pretty sure they'd dissagree...) of a dog with ADHD, named Molly, a one-eyed cat, named Daijon (Day-shon), a four yearold frisian, named Janna, and 18 yearold knabstrupper (Danish breeed of horse/pony. Has spots... (I challenge you to say 'Knabstrupper' five times fast)) named Plet (Means Spot. Or Kerberos, if you speak ancient Greek)

    Orange (You glad I didn't say banana?): I am somewhat of a fangirl, which is the reason i know a lot about awsome stuff (Like ancien Egypt, ancient Greece, animals, pirates and torture instuments. (I love torture... wow, that sounded insane... I AM PERFECTLY SANE, GUYS! (But then again, 95% of insane people think they are sane...))) I am also currently learning Edhellen (Sindarin. It is a fomr of Elven)

    Saphire: I can be quite protective of my characters and of my own characters. Like, if anyone tries to mess them up or insult them, I get personally offended. Which, I know, is seriously stupid... but that's just how it is. And Anubis is the Egypthian JACKAL (Not dog) headed god for funerals, death, burrials and mumification. Nothing else. So PLEASE take you 'lust' and 'homosexuality' elsewhere. Please.

    Michael Jackson poster: Talking of favorite characters, many science-people says, that you favorite characters reminds you of yourself, so I will share some of mine with you, since this is all about you guys getting to know me ;-) (They are in no particular order)
    Aiden (Spoilers ;-) )
    Hook/ Killina Jones (OUAT)
    Loki (Thor/The Avengers)
    Thranduil (The Hobbit. And yes, he's a bit of an asshole at times, but he usually has a reason. (Though those star-gem-thingies was a pretty bad reason to risk lives for... But then again... elves and stars...) And most of the time it is in the best interests of hte Mirkwood elves. And then the little fact that he is (at least in my opinion) a lot more of an interesting character than Legolas)
    Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean. And btw. he is not insane (at least not before he got all locked up in Davy Jone's Locker) He is simply extremely intelligent, and forget to tell people what he is thinking. (At least that's my theory))

    Tiwdi(Sindarin for 'alphabet' though it actually means 'letter rows'... Very imaginative, elves): I have social anxity. And to you who does not now what it is, it means I am scared of picking up the phone, opening the door to strangers, having people move around behind me or where I can't see them, mostly any senario that involves social contact with anyone I do not feel comfortable wiht, buying stuff, knocking on doors, crowded places, senarios where I can end up humiliating myself and such. Basically it is the fear of people judging me and talking about me behind my back and such.

    That was seven... wow... if you read all of this: There is coming a 'sequel' to get the last eight facts. Also, if you have ANY questions, feel free to ask them ;-)
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    Whoops... Another fact: My spelling is about as good as my reading...
    4 years ago
    I also managed to forget people... But that's what you get when you write something with a migraine...
    4 years ago
    *Phoebe (My third horse... She's eight and a New Forest...)
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    mumbled "So... sad news..."

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    I was tagged by @[The Sunprincess], But I am afraid everything dissapeared... (It is because everything is purple! (Purple is the colour of chaos, btw.))
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    mumbled "*Indsæt awesome mindeværdig titel efter eget valg*"

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    Jeg er blevet tagget af @[jackie12] til at... ja, hvad var det nu? Nårh jov! Til at skrive fem sandheder om mit skriveri (Jeg ved ikke om folk regner med, at man giver sig til at skrive løgne... Eller opdigte historier, er det nu nok nærmere... hvilket måske ikke er så forfærdeligt fornærmende en antagelse, siden vi jo er en samling forfattere... Jeg skal holde op med at tænke, ellers fortsætter det her jo for evigt.)

    Okay, så... Ja, okay, lad os starte med noget så originalt som 1. Jeg er måske ikke så fantastisk til at tage ting seriøst, hvilket resultere i, at mine karakterer somregelt har en eller anden mærkværdig form for humor. (Et glimrende eksempel er Aiden (De ni magter))
    Ja, og så er det jo, at 2 kommer efter 1, men lad os i stedet sige 74, fordi alle fisk har fødder, på nær de, der ikke har, hvilket rundt regnet vil sige alle fisk. Som så mange underlige undersøgelser (fordi ordet 'undersøgelse' -lige meget hvordan man bøjer det- altid skal introduceres af et tillægsord, der begynder med 'under') viser, minder (en forfatters karakterer ofte om sig selv) mine karakterer ofte om mig. Den, der kommer tættest på, er nok Aiden... så hvis I vil lære mig at kende, skal I bare læse De ni magter. (Dog er der nogle træk, der ikke rigtigt har så meget med mig at gøre. For eksempel har jeg ingen kone eller datter, med denne kone.)
    Okay... 3. Når jeg finder ud af, at jeg er glad for noget (Eksempelvis den gamle egyptiske mytologi) afspejles det ofte i min skrivning (Som eksempel: Aiden: Han er Egypter. Der ud over er der igennem serien (De ni magter) tilfældige tilstedeværelser af den egyptiske gud Anubis. Septhis (Slangens Discipel): Tja... Hun er tilfældigvis datter af førnævnte egyptiske gud.)
    Og så er vi sørme kommet til 200. (Og det var 200 for at henlede opmærksomheden på tv showet Supernaturals 200 episode. Hvis du ikke ser Supernatural går du seriøst glip a noget. Noget kan oversættes til verdens mest nuttede, men ret langsomtopfattende, engel. Slå Castiel op. Seriøst. Gør det.) Jeg har et mindre problem med, at pille ved ting når jeg skriver (ofte med fødderne, siden jeg ikke bruger dem til at skrive med. Hvis du er skuffet over dette, bedes du indse, at jeg for det første ikke er en abe, og for det andet ikke gå ud fra, at I er Pippi Langstrømpe (No offense) som er den eneste jeg kender, der rentfaktisk kan læse tåskrift.) hvilket ofte ender med, at jeg på en eller anden måde komme til at stikke mig selv på noget.
    Okay, fem. (Jeg vil lige henlede jeres opmærksomhed på, hvor gennemgående undervudret fantastiske @[Alanna.lion] og @[The Sunprincess] er) Katte er vanvittigt irriterende. HAV ALDRIG EN KAT I RUMMET; NÅR DU SKRIVER! Heller ikke hvis den kun har et øje, TRO mig, det forhindre den ikke i at rulle sig på dit tastatur. (Er der egentligt nogen, der ved, hvad den der 'Mumble to fans' knap egentligt gør?) Nå, men sidste sandhed: 'Jeg har ikke flere ideer' er en sætning, man aldrig vil høre mig hverken sige eller tænke.

    Ja, så skal jeg jo også tagge nogle.
    Nogle nummer 1: @[The Sunprincess]
    Nogle nummer 2: @[Kamira]
    Og Nogle nummer 3 @[shadowlucy]

    Ja, og så vil jeg lige ønske god skrivelyst til alle <3
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    'Mumble to fans' knappen gør vidst, at alle dine fans for en mail, om at du har skrevet en muble. Det er i hvert fald sådan jeg har forstået det xD
    4 years ago
    Åh... Så de skal altså underrettes to gange, fordi jeg bestemte mg for at trykke på en knap? ... Interessant.
    4 years ago
    Rettelse: Teknisk set er jeg en abe, men pointen var, at jeg ikke havde fire tommelfingre.
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