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I have loved Justin Bieber for as long as I can remember. I am a Belieber. I love his music. I believe he is the best musician/singer there is.

Don't Hate.

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    mumbled "Im working on it"

    Im working on the new chapters for US Against The World. It should be up by tomorrow night if I work tonight. Love Yas!
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    mumbled "Us Against The World Update"

    Im finally updatin the story, but itll be awhile. Ive been stuck for months on wat to do. Ive been reading other ppls stuff and got inspired to write the new chapter. Give me a week and ill have it up soon. I PROMISE!!!! Kisses, BayB <3
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    Baby, I would.
    Baby, I would.
    You know when there is that one person that stands out in school because of what they wear or what has happen in their life in the past? Aubrey Derren is that one person at Lake Wood High School. At age...
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