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Um, I'm not really sure to put here...
I am a writer, Obviously. I am on wattpad but I don't really use it- my tag is Lore3225.
I started writing a story when I was in 2nd grade and forgot about it after just a few pages. I lost it soon after. When I was in 4th grade I found it and tried to continue it... I think that is when I really became interested in it... Most people are able to say that they started when they were young, but I am not like them, I didn't know at first that this is meant for me, and I still don't.

What I do know is that I am able to do something that no a lot of people can do, it takes me more time than most, but I get it done. I used to read to my little sister every night with a flashlight under the blankets and I thought that she was young, she was my sister, or she didn't understand the concept of the story, and I made excuses of why she would like it, so maybe I am a little self hating, or something like that. I do now know that I don't have to make excuses or do anything but write to my hearts content.

I have Movellas to thank for that... Thank you for all you have done!
To the people on here and the first Movellian!
(I don't know if that is a thing)

  • Little Miss Author

    mumbled "hola nano"

    SO I have an idea but I'm not sure if I want to put it out there so no harsh words, I will take ideas tho.

    A girl (or guy, it just seems more like a girl role I guess) is fairly normal, she is popular, pretty and healthy. Until one day she wakes up at the side of an abandoned road in the middle of the night, when she can clearly remember going to bed. She goes to school normally but she doesn't tell anyone because she has a bad feeling about it. She goes home and lives normally. A week later the same thing happens, only she wakes up in a different place.

    Not quite sure how she finds out, but I'm thinking that someone comes up to her and gives her a paper note and says that they will explain everything at a certain place and time. At that point, she tells her brother/sister and she goes.

    She is some sort of monster that when she eats someone's heart she gains their powers and can turn into them and what they are. like if she eats a witch, she can be a witch. The person who turned her gave her this drink that is what gave her this special talent. Only she doesn't know this person.

    I haven't planned anything after that....
    Sorry it's so long...
    Little Miss Author
    exactly, but this time its cuz they are literally killing people.
    Lady  Whovian
    6 days ago
    Oh, that is a brilliant idea. Do it. Geronimo!
    Little Miss Author
    lol ok. My brother keep saying that the mc should be a really good person XD
    now i just got to find a way to make someone mean....
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    mumbled "Sorry for this. "

    hey guys, FYI you guys can just ignore this, i just really need to rant.
    I feel so horrile at the moment. Not physicly though. I just had littarly the worst weekend ever. First, I just found out that an aunt, whome i am just starting to get to know, has stage 3 cancer. My grandpa had a heartattack, luckily he lived.
    And my step mom called bs on the fact that i might have a learning disorder or OCD. She thinks that it is not a thing, that its just something that I made up and that Im just wanting attention and not I cant even talk to my older sister about it, along with the fact that im pretty sure that my step dad is mad at me for possibly haveing a learners disorder or OCD.

    The Bullied Lesbian
    lol i meant help u with him.
    Little Miss Author
    3 weeks ago
    johhny go to pp chat
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