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"It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. It is in fact true. It's called living." Terry Pratchett

Iv'e been thinking about writing for a while but i lost the password to my old account and i thought i wanted a new way of writing so here i am.
I'm a fantasy writer mostly. And iv'e even made a fictional country called Hiltasie which i think most my stories will be set in. Hope you enjoy.

  • Lord Tom of alantis
    i hate it when you explain something to someone and they say they get it and then two seconds later they come back with the same question. I mean come on. Just say you don't get and let me explain it again.
    Really Annoying Things 2
    Really Annoying...
    A never ending rant about everything annoying that anyone has ever done to anyone. Comment what you find annoying and you'll get a chapter about it with your name at the bottom.
  • Lord Tom of alantis

    mumbled "really stupid question"

    i know how stupid this must sound but is there any way i can privately message someone? thanks
    Lord Tom of alantis
    :( thanks anyway
    7 years ago
    No problem. Welcome to the site, by the way. Hope you enjoy it.
    7 years ago
    Well, if you really want to message someone privately, is to create a Movella, that ye co-author in, and you can message them through the co-author conversation thingy which is below the icon that say 'chapters' ;)
  • Lord Tom of alantis

    mumbled "just join"

    so i just joined and i dont really know what to do so im just gonna keep writing and see what happens
    Shade Caron
    7 years ago
    Okay no problem.
    I'll come read it wen you are done writing it.
    7 years ago
    Hi! Please can you comment on here when you publish your movella (so that we get email notifications for it)? I'm looking forward to reading it. You've invented your own country? :)
    Lord Tom of alantis
    ok i just published the first chapter to my first book
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