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Hi. Welcome to the inside of my head.

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    Name: Scarlette Thorn
    Age: 15
    Personality: Daring, Loud Crazy, and Smart
    Description: Dirty Blonde Long Wavy hair with one lock of dark red hair. Blue eyes with green gold flecks. Nice beautiful smile. She wears crop tops with high waisted skinny jeans. She wears vans. She always has a necklace with a strange symbol.
    Flaws: she isn't open and she is very mysterious. can be very violent but she tries not to
    Friends: She tries to be nice to anyone she meets but no one knows her.
    Siblings: she metions her sister named Lily once in a while but no one knows or have ever seen her.
    Other: Scarlette never lets anyone touch her necklace. She says her one lock of hair is dark red because of Lily. She says Lily wont ever be able to meet anyone in gravity falls. Her Mysteriousness and her daringness makes her adventurous.
    Your Time in Gravity Falls
    Your Time in Gravi...
    I love Gravity Falls so I thought why not?
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    yay im the person that gave the death stare.
    My diary
    My diary
    This is really my diary I will update as often as I can. I will not be using real names but they are real people. Yellow for language
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