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Hello my little cupcakes! My Name is Tanya and im from denmark.
I am girl who loves romance/horror books, and fanfics :)
5SoS and 1D play a big role in my life, same with video games, and writing.
Currently trying to find the time to continue my books.
Player vs player *ON HOLD*
Anyway hope you enjoy my writing, and excuse the grammar fails. I'm always here to talk if you need something.
Stay fabulous unicorns!

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    mumbled "Second cover... "

    I dont know which one is best but i made a second one.. *sigh* i hopw u have laugh over my terrible cover making skills xD anyway here it is @[Evelyn Shadownight]
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    1.title: Bloodlust

    2. Author: Littlemisscupcake

    bloodlust"Why dont you love me." He whispered. I was scared to talk, too scared. How was he gonna react when i told why i cant? is he gonna be mad? Sad? I dont...

    4. Celebrities. One direction. And just a blonde celebrity, i dont really care who.

    5. Dark,dramantic,mature(a little bit)

    6. i want you to love me. he whispered. ' i cant. 'why?. because i won be able to love.

    7.Demons- imagine dragons or bring me to life-Evanescene

    thank you!
    Trailers || Lucy Style [no more requests]
    Trailers || Lucy...
    because i cant love .. oops my bad. sorry
    Yes sure. Its about a girl who meets the boy in an alley while she is drinking from a girl. They want her to join them, like they want her in their little family. But her and Harry dont like eachother in the start at all, because of the dark past they are sharing. But they end up falling for eachother, hope that helps a little :)
    thank you so much i love it
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    not to be rude or anything but did u ask tess/seasidestyle if u could post it here?
    Hidden (Harry Styles)
    Hidden (Harry Styl...
    He was like the moon--part of him was always hidden.
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