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Hey! I’m Lionhart(Earlier called WhiteFox as you can see on the covers of two of my Movellas)!
I write a mix of fiction from fantasy to horror, and occasionally weird comedy movellas (That are shorter than my other movellas)
I really like feedback, so please comment and favourite if you feel like it! No pressure though c:
Byyyyyeeeee :3

  • Lionhart
    2 years agoSvar
    I really like the story idea, and how you (I read another story of yours) aren't afraid to write from different perspectives from story to story.
    A thing that's very important when writing in first-person is avoiding the 'I', (Something I have problems with myself as well), I have a link to a website I can tag along here if you want it. It has helped me a great deal!
    Also another thing is how you represent the text, more people chose to turn away from stories when they are represented with a big block of text. The easiest way to avoid it, is to make a break everytime the 'time' or 'place' are changed. (And also when a new person is speaking, that way people will have a better idea of who is speaking)
    I really enjoyed it though, and I'm looking forward for more chapters of this!
    Spice & Sugar
    Spice & Sugar
    Tell me would it be wrong if you fell in love. But you fell in love with the wrong person? well in my condition I fell in love with my own twin sister's fiance. But he was my first love since we were...
    2 years ago
    Thank you for the suggestion! :)
  • Lionhart

    mumbled "Wrote third chapter to Nyctophilia!"

    2 years agoSvar
    I'm having a slight problem though! When I change the font, it pushes some of the words together. I corrected those I could find, but If someone reads it and sees it, I would appreciate if they would tell me so I could correct it. Also have a great day! \(^-^)/
  • Lionhart

    mumbled "BOOK COVER!"

    5 years agoSvar
    Hey! It's been long ~ Sorry about that!
    Anyway, I'm working on getting my book(Still Breathing) published as a hardback and as an e-book.
    But i lost the original file and I'm going to make a new one! So anyone got any new ideas for a cover for Still Breathing? :D Could really help me xD Thank you!
    fox trot
    2 years ago
    looks good to me
  • Lionhart

    mumbled "Long time "

    6 years agoSvar
    Sorry 'bout that! I know it have been a long time since i last published a chapter, but it's because of all the homework and asignments I have in the moment! But here is one :)
  • Lionhart

    mumbled "New stufff xD"

    6 years agoSvar
    Beside the video coming up soon, I have made a blog.
    It will be a lot of mix things, but sometimes also stories i wouldn't put up here.
    So if anyone is interested here it is:
    It's in english, and if you want to know what will be on the blog, read "Why u do dis?" :D
    Have a nice vacation! :D
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