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Heya! Nice to meet you, my name is Anna and I'm 15 years old (since my best friends just love to call me that, I guess you can too, or Lily or anything lol :3) and if you'd like to know me personally or be my friend or whatsoever, feel free to! ^_^

I like music and fanfictions (obviously lol, that's what this account is for xD)

As for the fanfiction, I love angst-themed slash stories (I don't know why, but that theme suits me well)- you know, maybe the main character be bit emo and punk-
But on the other hand, I also like cute/fluffy-themed slash stories, not to mention tragedy, adventure and suspense (oh how I love that shit xD)
But if it's One Direction, I love Niall-centric Zianourry the most ^^
For the others, I prefer main character-centric stories :)

My likes are not limited only to One Direction, but also other bands like Black Veil Brides, and even Animes (Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Kuroko's Basketball, Yugioh, and Prince of Tennis).
I might do Anime fanfictions too- depends on your request, but I'll post the story(ies) on fanfiction.net and maybe wattpad.com too :3

Lastly, I might post some of my stories on the other sites too. And considered since I'm an Asian and the time zones probably have a bit (or a lot) difference, maybe your requests (if you send me any) would be post a bit late (I'm so sorry for that!) and I'm deeply apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes ^^'

I hope we can get along well!

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