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I am Mrs Horan!!!! I am Niallers Girl,
Hi my name is Lucy Anne Horan I am 15 years old my birthday is on 13th novemeber 1998. My fave boybands are 5SOS, 1D....1D....1D....1D....1D! Sorry, My fave girlband is Little Mix.
My fave solo artists are: Connor Maynard, Beyonce, Taylor swift(Because of her songs), Jessie J and other aritsts.
I love aniamls.
My fave Band members in each band that I like are: Luke/Ashton-5SOS, Perrie/Jade-Little Mix, Niall-1D!!
Believe in yourself and follow your dreams!!
Love Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxx I love you all Cher is my sis

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    mumbled "Salute girls!"

    Salute is an amzing song and the tour is the best too if you've seen the salute tour comment please and tell me how amazin it was love you all Little Mixers you are the best fans and if you love little mix you love one direction too so you are the best mixer too you are a true mixer love ya girls I *Salute* you xx
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    mumbled "Jade Thirwall"

    I love this girl she is my inspiration I do my make up like her she is an amazing girl and I can do my make up exactly like hers and my hair falls in the exact same place as hers we could be twins. Jade is talented :) I love little mix's Jade!!
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