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^^" I um... Hi >/////< I don't know how much any of you will like my stories so.... ENJOY HOPEFULLY

  • Kyo Kana Sarikoto

    mumbled ">:( I need to get to work "

    I haven't been workin on it in quite a while and BOY is it annoying. I can never get inspiration when it's most freakin needed.... Maybe I should watch some movies about the Victorian times.... Unless, I could watch Kuroshitsuji.... BUT THAT'S JUST A THOUGHT.
  • Kyo Kana Sarikoto

    mumbled "OMG im so sorry!!! "

    I've been totally ignoring this for too long now. @_@ this stupid summer heat is kicking my bum. IM DROWNING IN MY OWN SWEAT!!!!! EWWW!!!!!
  • Kyo Kana Sarikoto

    mumbled "So close to finishing chapter three!!! "

    Four more paragraphs!! I promise you that by Friday I will have 3 of those paragraphs done! If not, I will hate myself forever.....
  • Kyo Kana Sarikoto

    mumbled "Ok so I was thinking...."

    What if I were to make a fanfic? Im just wondering what i should do it on after i finish my novel.... any intel, my lovelies?
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