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You are obviously very lost as you have stumbled upon my profile...

-I'm a proud Scottie and nothing will ever change that.
~Grandmother of the Clearwater family~
-Books are actually my life!
¬Potter head, LOTRian, Shadowhunter, District citizen, Maze runner¬

Until further notice I shall be calling you all "Cake-Tins"... GEDDIT?!
Be yourself, nobody else can be.

Love Kaitlin Siân x

  • Kaitlin Siân

    mumbled "Hello"

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    Hello, long time no see... Four months to be exact.
    I don't even know if any of you realised that I was gone because at lot has happened in this time and it just doesn't seem to matter anymore.
    I joined Movellas to find myself as a person and to meet new people who cared about the people in their community.
    But that's just it...
    Do I even belong?
    I feel like I don't anymore, I don't even know if I have the right to say that because did I even before?

    I'm sorry
    4 years ago
    Hey Kaitlin, glad you're back. Hope you're okay, if you need to talk I'm always here. :)
    Kaitlin Siân
    4 years ago
    Hi @[Chloe_123_x] Thank you, it means a lot that you said that to me. I may have to take you up on the talking thing if that's alright?
    4 years ago
    Absolutely, sorry for the late reply. :)
  • Kaitlin Siân
    Jess, this is the most incredible story I have ever read. It actually got tears out of me! I can't even imagine what it was like for you and I am actually genuinely angry that people would do this to you. But actually posting this story on Movellas? You are so brave. I actually admire you so much right now for taking that leap, hang in there Jess.
    The girl who spent 6 months in a psychiatric hospital. Me.
    The girl who spent...
    This is my own, true story about my 6 months in a psychiatric ward being treated for my suicide attempts, self harm, bulimia, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Kaitlin Siân

    Drifting apart x2

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    Guys, I feel like the Clearwater Family don't speak anymore... It's more like 'Clear' then the 'water' now :( it makes me sad
    Who is bucky
    5 years ago
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    I was busy in real life (aka procrastination)
    5 years ago
    Hello guys sorry to annoy you but one of your family members deactivated her account
    Kaitlin Siân
    5 years ago
    Is it shadow?! Has she actually deleted her account?!
    If not please don't leavvveeeeee!!
  • Kaitlin Siân

    mumbled "I'm back! Sorta.."

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    Hey ma Cake-tins! Hows it going?
    Right, it appears that I am going through a stage of floating on an off of Movellas without doing anything.

    And for the moment, that is going to have to do.
    *I'm mega busy*

    Right so, I have put up another chapter for "The Repellent"and I am also involved with another Movella "Tributes" that has just been posted so, please check that out... It means alot when you do :)

    My new years resolution was to be on this more often and I'm completely failing atm...

    That is all, update me on what's happening please, I'm kinda lost...
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