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1st Place - Cover Competition 2013 - Life of Pi
2nd Place - Cover Competition 2013 - Riddles of the Mind

Find Me On:
Instagram: xxyasminjadexx
deviantART: YazzySachdev
Snapchat: xxyasminjadexx
Twitter: @YazzySachdev
Etsy: KawaiiKraftsCo
ArchiveOfOurOwn: thefaultinourfactions

A Little About Me & Movellas
Hi guys! This is my profile, very profiley I know. Full of useless information that will get you nowhere in life if you don't really care :/ So beware! I'm only 13 and I love to read and write, I go on Movellas every day and I love that I have the chance to hear positive comments about my work and also receive constructive criticism. Even though my Movellas are hidden by imagines by directioners about 1D meeting you at a concert and marrying you. So I eventually decided to start doing a few, despite the fact it's not really a fan-fiction because I am not actually a fan... Meh, what can you do?

My Fans are called Confused Kitties
Add this badge to your bio to show that you're a fan of my work! Thank youuuuu! And please do it, look at the porr confused kitty, he is cute and he needs a hug! On your profile!

(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

About Me :D
Likes: Swimming, Diving and Video Games.
Dislikes: History Homework, Lies and Not Funny Jokes.
Fav Food: Thai and Sushi.
Fav Animal: Miniature Pigs!

Thanks guys! Please read my work and fan, favourite and like stuff etc.

  • KryptoKitty
    7 years agoSvar
    Would you like me to make you a cover for this story? If so, do you have a deviantART?
    Choose (Zayn Malik)
    Choose (Zayn Malik...
    Zayn Malik and Jannah Andrews made a beautiful friendship when they were 8 years old. When Zayn comes back for 5 months for a break, Jannah is overwhelmed with happiness. But she didn't know he was bringing...
    7 years ago
    No but thank you for your offer. :) I really appreciate it. It just happened that I forgot to make a cover before publishing it. But thank you again. :))
  • KryptoKitty
    7 years agoSvar
    This is amazing! This plus messaging would be the perfect design! If you swapped the achievements and profile theme box round, then it would be more convenient. :3
    Profile Page Design
    Profile Page Desig...
    My idea of a design for the 'design your own profile page' contest.
    J.K. Panesar
    7 years ago
    Thank you so much. I have taken your advice on board and swapped the two around. Thank you. :)
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