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Justin Bieber <3
Selena Gomez <3
Magcon Boys <3
Christian Collins <3
Madison Beer <3
M. U. S. I. C. <3

  • JustinBiebers_Bae
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    Update!!!!! Its good!
    And btw are you a belieber?
    Bad Bitch! Justin Bieber Gangster Love Fan Fiction
    Bad Bitch! Justin...
    Joining the most wanted gang "Real Live Bitches", Doesn't not make me a bad bitch. What makes me a bitch is seeing the person I love since i was in diaper, who i thought was everything to me, but later...
    4 years ago
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    Thank you and
    I'm open to all artist,but admired Chris Brown dancing,which where ma dancing came from. I'm not in a Pacific Group because my iPod is full with different artist.
    That's great.
    Keep up all the positivity. I like you style girl :)
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