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Hi, I'm Johnny Patatoes. I love soccer and like reading and writing.

I also like potatoes!!!!!

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
District: 3
Godly Parent: Hecate; goddess of magic

My badges:

U o o U
l__X__l (Webster139; My sister)

If you are a fan of me put this in your description. You will be known as my yummies. Here is you r Hershey kiss badge to prove it.


I am a proud member of The Brotherhood. Let's fight against the 1D invasion.

So to you today,
I will put my hand on my heart,
And say my oath to Movellas:

I promise to stay,
I promise to fight to the end.
I will not be lead astray,
I will stand by you my friend.
To Movellas I will remain loyal,
I will not fall to the uprising danger.
We are the kind of Royal,
Even with any stranger.
We have not given in,
And I never will.
I will turn from this sin,
And write with my electronic 'quill.'
Here I am, about to fall apart,
On my knees, hand on heart.
I will fight to the bitter end,
I will defend from this bloody war.
Fight against this rising trend,
So join me as I walk through this door. - Erica Zebra Bluewater

  • Johnny Potatoes

    mumbled "Hersey Kiss"

    Hi, I'm new. "yaaaaaa" I screamed out with lots of enthusiasm. In my description there is a hershey kiss. If your a fan of my work that I will post at a later date then post my semi-messed up hershey kiss in you not messed up description.
    It looks great! I've got on in my description you are amazing :) x
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