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The Moan of Steel Part 2

af , mandag 14. august, 2017
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Up Up and away, err... Again


My Moan of Steel blog has gotten something Man of Steel has yet to get, a sequel.

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  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "And just like that they were gone."

    5 days agoSvar
    If you follow me and see a notification of two new stories published, ignore them as I have just unpublished them.
    Mister Tea
    4 days ago
    Oh holy sh*t I'm stupid, I republish opening chapters for stories i'm republishing and then I discover mistakes that need fixing so I decide to unpublish them, only I didn't do that instead I've stupidly accidentally because I'm a F***ing Moron deleted both of them.

    I wanted to fix them then repost them but I can't do that now because I am fu***ng Dumb. I'm honestly so F****ng annoyed with myself for doing something so mind-numbingly stupid I'm hitting the keys on the keyboard so hard as I type this because I am angry and I need to punch something.
    F****ng F**k, F****ng dumb F**k F****ng dumb motherf***ng mother******

    Mister Tea
    4 days ago
    I can't believe I was so f****ng stupid to not know the difference between unpublish and the F***ing delete button. F****ng dumbass stupid f**k.
    Mister Tea
    4 days ago

  • Mister Tea
    5 days agoSvar
    Nothing to do with the competition but one of the commenters buydl67 is a spam account.

    I have mentioned it before but it seems to me as if we have lost the user blogs section to these spam accounts, so we all should try to stop them creeping through into the rest of the site.

    Click on the @[buydl67] link and report the account who posted the spam in this comment section.
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Two for the Price of One"

    1 months agoSvar
    Just published the first chapters of two new stories.

    The first Final Fight based on the arcade game of the same name about three men taking on a criminal organisation as vigilantes.

    The second is Mathilda: The Professional a sequel to the 1994 film Leon, the film starred Jean Reno as Leon a hitman and Natalie Portman as Mathilda a twelve year old whose life he saves and began teaching her how to kill.

    My story is about a much older Mathilda now a contract killer herself looking back at the things that led her to where she is life.
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Dream, Dream Dream Dream"

    1 months agoSvar
    When you've been laying there for hours trying to get to sleep but can't and that's why you're posting a mumble at 03:59
    Rain Evangeline
    1 months ago
    Sounds familiar. Hope you can drift to sleep soon.
  • Mister Tea
    1 months agoSvar
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    I'm with you I want the fairer more just Britain I assumed I grew up in.

    What if it was never really like that, maybe I was the one who was deluded as this racism and fascism were clearly not just always here they were a deeper well of ignorance and intolerance than I ever believed and now we have garbage humans like farrage, Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Smogg and others selfish arrogant men digging into the worst parts of people some of who have genuine grievances with the EU I'm sure and some who have been easily taken in by these con men whose only interest is their own power and wealth. These men given undeserved prominence to spread disinformation, outright lies and to play on fears to isolate us and turn us against each other.

    I want those people gone or at least exposed for the liars and fear peddling trash they really are and I want a better fairer for all place to live.

    Sadly that isn't going to happen as we're all due to be hurled off a cliff on March 29th.
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