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Trying to live one day at a time, every second of every day.
Sad, but, sweet.
Imagination is power.

  • Jade Wolffe

    mumbled "Man. "

    1 months agoSvar
    I've said this time and time again, but, I really need to get back on here. I took my stuff down Hoping to focus on one and put it up but I haven't touched anything. Even on days I say I'm going to. I have so many distractions with dates and boys and games and this virus that's got he trapped at home I should work but .... Alas. I watch TV play games or sleep. How is everyone here doing? I'm wondering how many people have been typing to fill their time and ease their minds?
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    oh Jaders I'm so glad that you are on *hugs her
    I use several websites too. And because the cover thing isn't working I put new (and better) ones on there only.
    Jade Wolffe
    1 months ago
    Honestly I just keep checking to see if there is a new competition posted. I forgot I even mumbled something.
  • Jade Wolffe

    mumbled " what, friends and fans?"

    4 months agoSvar
    (,I sat down and typed out a fresh, new chapter from scratch for CALAMITY! It's not finished but there's about 15 paragraphs. �� I'd been struggling with how to start it. I had a few visions that weren't shinning through. I sat down tonight, had a new idea pop in my head and I ran with it and cane up with it as I went. I'm sorry I haven't gotten anything up for it or posted anything at all. I keep saying I will but I truly will try to do better. (The header was supposed to say guess what. Oops!)
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