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I try to update my book somewhat frequently. I am grateful for all the reads and supports!

If I havent updated in a while, feel free to comment if you are waiting too long :)

  • J.R. Sherwood

    mumbled "Weekly! "

    To all my readers, I will be releasing a new chapter weekly from now on. I feel this will be a good compromise as I have time to write the chapter and for the readers to not have to wait so long and hopefully still be satisfied. I'll test this method and see how it goes. Thank you!
  • J.R. Sherwood

    mumbled "Wow! I am surprised! "

    Holy cow, 745 reads on my book. I know its not a lot to a lot of other books with over a thousand but I'd like to thank everyone who has read my book as I did not expect so many people to have viewed it.