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❝ Do you want to see an angel fly? ❞

☝ youtubers.
☝ bands.
☝ viners.

▽ i'm falling for your eyes. but they don't know me yet.
△ i'm afraid to sleep at night. i know if i do i'll see you.

◇ With a heart like mine, I can conquer an ocean.
◇ With a smile like yours, you can conquer the sky.
◇ With love like ours, we can take on the world together.

☛ casey is the name,
☛ viners are my soul,
☛ bands are my heart,
☛ youtubers are my mind.
☛ and my dream: is you, baby.

● adorable.
● vintage.
● retro.
● cute.

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    mumbled "100 Fans ♡"


    Yay, reached 100 fans. May not be a lot, but to me I'm quite happy and proud. If you fanned me, Ilysm.
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    mumbled "Compulsive - Coming July 3rd"


    Here it comes c;
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    mumbled "New Movella "

    @[Txmblr Queen ] would you like to co-author Cigarette Smile with me? c: x
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    5 years ago
    Yes, I won't be starting it anytime soon, bc it doesn't come out yet. I'm trying to put together some ideas for it this month. I will let you know when it'll be coming out. Ooh, I love Darcy. Are you gonna have a sequel for it, or nah?c; xx @[Txmblr Queen ]
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    mumbled "My Movella 1 year-aversary "

    It's my one year anniversary on Movella's today c; Yay!:D
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    mumbled "Cigarette Smile"

    I am happy to announce that I shall be making Cigarette Smile a movella today. Today is the day that Cigarette Smile is coming out c; I hope y'all like it very much ;;)