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Well, well, well...

Hello there. :) My name is Tori.

I love poetry but can't write it to save my life. I am a self-proclaimed genius, who, in reality, is a real ditz most of the time. I like drawing, but, as a perfectionist, I get so frustrated that I never really finish anything (and I suppose that goes for writing, too; I can't even type a whole sentence without going back and editing it. Do you know how difficult writing this is?) I am far too addicted to the internet for my own good. And, while I do enjoy socializing with humans face-to-face, I love the crazy stuff that happens on Movellas. That's the reason I've been here for more of a year. :)



Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
The Missing
The Maze Runner
Marvel & DC
Star Wars
The Hunger Games
Hetalia & Attack on Titan
The Lord of the Rings
Doctor Who

I <3 YouTube


Always open to role-playing! Love a good role-play, I do!

"People who carry pain try to hide it beneath empty, vacant smiles, and put on shows of happiness. Sometimes the ones you think are the best off will cry themselves to sleep every night."
- Elle, The Barbie Project (Mirlotta)

"Bow ties are cool."
- The Eleventh Doctor

- Me (long story...)

Uhmmmmmm, bye. Unless you wanna stick around and stalk my profile, because if that's the case, I suppose there's nothing stopping you from staying. Warning: I don't do much. Have fun, my fellow creep.


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Some people are special. Some people's names are Raven711.