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    mumbled "an older time. "

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    when i first started on this website, people were pretty active. there was an entire community. friends, relationships, laughs, support. now, i'd drifted away from writing... for quite some time. I'd forgotten about a version of myself that looked forward to going on this website each day after school. i forgot about a piece of myself that would engage in everything i could on here, and in the process i made friends. friends that i now i have lost due to my distance, inactvity, and just lack of utter motivation to pursue such interactions. that has become something i regret. i decided fairly recently in fact, that i want to get in touch with this part of myself again. and i hope that to those who may remember me; to reach out once again and remind me of this lovely community that i myself remember so well.

    thank you and until then. responses appreciated.