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- Lucky for you I'm undecided
- About what?
- Everything
(Remember Me)

  •  Dani - BF/DC
    This sounds like one of those movies. It breaks my heart that something like this ACTUALLY happened. I wish I could give you advice, but it seems you've got everything worked out. Congrats! I'm glad you've found love again. That always makes me happy when people fall in love.
    I failed her (True story... My story...)
    I failed her (True...
    I use to know a girl, back in year 9 at high school. Her name was Megan and I couldn't help her. I tried and tried but it wasn't enough. Sometimes I wonder if it WAS my fault. I failed her. I failed the...
  •  Dani - BF/DC
    I LOVE this, I can't even express how much I enjoy this! I honestly couldn't put it down and have been reading it ALL day. You should seriously get this published or something. This is probably one of my favorite books of all time right now. Keep writing like this! Omg
    Carpe Noctem
    Carpe Noctem
    Like the beginning of a dozen cliche romance stories, Hana lives next to a cute boy, it's summer, and they're bored. But Sebastian hates cliches, and Hana hates romance. Fortunately, this is no love story.
    2 years ago
    Aw thank you so much!!! It's so wonderful to hear :) :)
  •  Dani - BF/DC
    I think you should flash foreword maybe a year, and the chapter could start like this

    One year later

    Justin smiled at me, and I couldn't seem to speak. The small crystallized box in his hand. "Melanie will you marry me?"

    Or something like that, just a suggestion.
    Texting Bieber
    Texting Bieber
    Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy To: Unknown: Um who are you ??
     Dani - BF/DC
    2 years ago
    *cheating thing
    2 years ago
    why am i just seeing this lol i love u guys
     Dani - BF/DC
    2 years ago
    Yeah yeah XD hehe
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