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    Please update!
    Gone Pirate [Hetalia Fanfiction: Pirate!England]
    Gone Pirate [Hetal...
    Katerina Lockhart fell in love with Arthur Kirkland, a kind, gentle man in the English navy. After his orders to move to another base, Katerina awaits the day he will come back. Her dreams are shattered...
  • HPlove5
    4 years agoSvar
    I am really enjoying this story. Write more please?
    Sound of Drums- Pirate England FanFiction (Hetalia)
    Sound of Drums-...
    Arthur Kirkland was always a successful pirate. Ladies, rum, some gold; he had all he wanted. But he wanted more. He captured a girl on the docks one day. This girl turns out to be the stubborn princess...
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