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Hey! I'm Tasha, well I'm Natasha but I like/use Tasha more... any who here’s a bit about me.
- I’m a complete and utter dork (and proud)
- I love ketchup
- I’m addicted to chewing gum and tend to chew it annoyingly loud. :)
- I think this emotion is secretly creepy :)
- If you give me skittles I shall love you forever
- I tend to end text’s or convo’s with x or xox
- ^ Not because I’m a prep or something I just think the world need more love
- ^ Not that theres summin wrong with being a prep :)
- I don’t understand why everyone can’t sit around a giant campfire and sing ‘Kumbaya’
- Nerds need love too

  • Mahatanmonster

    mumbled "HELP!! URGENT COVER"

    Okay so I need a cover for my story Mercy On Me A Daryl Dixon story and I need Daryl Dixon, A really pretty girl and Shane Walsh on the cover and a trailer!!!!

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