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I am not a writer, I am a critic, I help evaluate your writing. As an editor myself, I feel as if I should be helping young people achieve their dreams and reach their true potential.

  • Hairy Pits in Ya face
    I really like the boys name! It's different! can you check out my hunger games fanfic "deep in the meadow". thanks!
    In the Ashes
    In the Ashes
    This set after the last Hunger Games book. SPOILERS ALERT! Peeta and Katniss are living together in perfect harmony with two children. But then, Gale is back...
  • Hairy Pits in Ya face
    THis first chapter is great! A couple of mistakes but nothing that can't be fixed! please write more, and check out my movella "toast"
    Island of the future
    Island of the futu...
    Avery Ashton decides to take his wife and his children to the most popular holiday spot in the world! Future Island! They have a great time... until the machines start to malfunction.
  • Hairy Pits in Ya face
    Sorry to be a little persnickety, but if the test results came back negative, that would mean he didn't have cancer. They would be positive if he did. And have another look over at the grammar of the teacher, "never done it" should be changed to "didn't do it", and "but if you never done you're homework" should be changed to "but if you never did your homework" (you're= you are so then the sentence would be "but if you never did you are homework")
    Other than that, it was a really good story, I would like to see a bit more description of the characters though. thanks
    Please don't die on me
    Please don't die...
    "My Dad has cancer. I don't know what to do." Angelica's Dad has cancer. When her Mum and Dad got divorce, she chose to live with her fun-loving Dad over her drugged up Mum. Angelica's Dad was re-married,...
    Kieva Rising
    7 years ago
    Thx for this. I meant to write "didn't do it", as that's what some people say in Scotland. I, also, didn't know about positive (having cancer) and negitive (not having cancer), as I get confused with them both. My grammar is bad, because my laptop keeps missing some of the words that I type. (My writings better on my home computer, which I am using the now). Thanks anyway :) P.S. the discription will come later.
  • Hairy Pits in Ya face
    初音ミクの物語 (Japanese version)
    初音ミクの物語 (Japanese...
    (For anyone learning Japanese or speaks Japanese or reads Japanese)
    Kieva Rising
    7 years ago
    The thing is, it is in english. maybe read that. Or if your learning Japanese then read this.

    good day!
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