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~Everything Comes With A Price~


=Usually goes by male - he/him=

=17 years old=

=Horror and fantasy are top picks=

=Call me Credence=

=Will write boy x boy romance most of the time=

=I'm a Freak of nature with a love of confusing people=

=If you want me to write a certain story, fanfiction, or draw something, just let me know and I will do it to the best I can manage.=

I watch a lot of Anime, because it's awesome and because I'm a Mangaka myself who is working on a project right now. I love to draw so if there's a picture you want me to draw, I'll do it.

The Fandoms I'm in:
- Sherlock
- Doctor Who
- HP
-Lots of Anime
and many more!

Hope I get to meet you all so I can enjoy all your wonderful stories!

(More Mature stuff...)

I hope you enjoy!

Also! I roleplay!
I rp as:

Gotham: Edward Nygma, Oswald Cobblepot
Eddsworld: Matt, Tord
Tomsworld: Matt
Red Army: Patryk
SPN: Gabriel, Castiel
Hannibal (NBC): Hannibal
Moriko (Own story): Any and all characters
Villainous: Dr. Flug, Black Hat
Dream Daddy: Robert, Joseph
Homestuck: Dirk Strider, Jake English, CAL
HP: Credence, Draco Malfoy
And many more

Hope to see you soon, lovelies!

Guess Who's Back

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It's ME, kiddos


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