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I live in Yorkshire and I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I'm not saying I'm any good at it, but I do it. If you read and enjoy any of my stories I would really appreciate it if you commented on it giving me some feedback about what you do and don't lie abut it.
I will probably only post short stories with potential to go further on here to find out if people think it's worth my time to pursue it and make it any longer. It will also all be original stuff, I have a fanfic an ao3 account for my fan writing, this is just me.
My first story was actually my GCSE English Language narrative writing coursework that i got an A* on, so I'm confident that that is worth a read.
So, go ahead, enjoy, if you want to know my ao3 or ff.net profiles just ask or something somehow and I'll tell you, but I warn you now, they are full of cringy 12 year old me writing that never should have seen the light of day.

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    I might not be posting anything for a while because I've decided that I'm not going to show you anything that isn't as good as it can possibly be. But I am in the process of writing something and once I've got a few chapters and they've been through editing, they'll be up here straight away.
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