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    mumbled "Mine (sorry guys)"

    Hey,guys remember i had mumbled about the update of chp 6 of Mine. I was trying to update it from my cousin's laptop and i thought it was updated. But i checked it today,i think it got deleted or there was a problem while updating. That chap. is still in my cousin's laptop and she lives in a different state so it might take time. Bdw,I never mentioned that i am a big no biggest fan of harry potter. Funny i always fall for guys with name HARRY. But i am starting a harry potter fanfiction. Please do read it. I am not sure what would my book title be so i might keep a loosey one in the beginning.I am calling my book " Life in Hogwarts." I would change it later though. Please do read it. :)
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    mumbled "Mine :)"

    Sorry guys ,for the long waiting. i am really sorry. I am in 12th grade and finding too hard to write movellas. Even loving my tutor is a bit on hold. But guess what i somehow managed to write Chp. 6 (Mine) and it is a very long chapter. :) I will update it after i return from my college. And thank you for the comments :) I also noticed that @[Popstar17] has added my books to the list. i didn't think my book would be that good. So, as i said i will update today :)
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    mumbled "The Last Princess"

    The Chps are out. Enjoy reading :)
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    mumbled "Quick Updates"

    So.did you guys figured out that i did not update for quiet a long time? Well, here's the answer...I was making drafts and i have done quiet a few chps....You guys would love it :) Do read it . The story is called LOVING MY TUTOR. and do let me know the feedbacks .
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    mumbled "Back."

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    So i am back. and faster than anyone. It actually means that i have drafted a lot of chps and posted on wattpad to see the results. yeah i am on wattpad too :) With the same username. So since i got many likes there i thought it is now fine to post here. Plz plz plz do tell me how my stories are. I really need it to continue. They are ...say...like a turn on for me ;P