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I'm obsessed with pretty much anything. A few examples are 5sos, One Direction, Youtubers, TFIOS, and lasagna. :)
I'm socially awkward, but once you get to know me, I won't shut up.
Sophomore ��
Currently 15��
Thanks for visiting my page, and if you want a chat, well I'm attached to the internet so feel free to message me!

What's in a name?/That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
I just read Romeo and Juliet and it's my new obsession. (shocker)��
In love?/Out-/Of love?/Out of her favor for which I am in love.

Everything will be okay in the end.
If it's not okay,
Then it's not the end.
-Ed Sheeran

Fetus Luke gives me hope.

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    3 years agoSvar
    Guyyyyssss.....I'M BACK
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    4 years agoSvar
    Yo I'm ready to write so be prepared for some editing on Luke and Rylie and updation on the sequel.
    4 years ago
    I found this cute quote!
    "Writers block
    When your imaginary friends stop talking to you."
    4 years ago
    That's so accurate and true! :) @[Maddlyn]
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    Spending Valentine's Day alone...again. But my friend got me a big pack of Kit Kats, and my brother got me a bar of Rice Krispies...and it is literally bigger than my 3 year old nephew. It will take me at least a month to eat, but hopefully I gain a few pounds because I'm skinny, and my metabolism works fast, and I should be thankful, and I am, but I need meat on my bones, and now I'm rambling on because I'm bored and hyper, and I need a man. That is all goodbye.
    4 years ago
    you know what? you should really update ch. 2 of l&r
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    4 years agoSvar
    The first "Luke and Rylie" is....finished...complete! If you liked it, tell your friends! If you didn't like it...tell them to read it anyways! I'm so proud of it, and it may not be that good, but I love to write and make words come alive, so...yea!
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    800 views on 'Luke and Rylie.' Eeeeee...yay!