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I'm obsessed with pretty much anything. A few examples are 5sos, One Direction, Youtubers, TFIOS, and lasagna. :)
I'm socially awkward, but once you get to know me, I won't shut up.
Sophomore ��
Currently 15��
Thanks for visiting my page, and if you want a chat, well I'm attached to the internet so feel free to message me!

What's in a name?/That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
I just read Romeo and Juliet and it's my new obsession. (shocker)��
In love?/Out-/Of love?/Out of her favor for which I am in love.

Everything will be okay in the end.
If it's not okay,
Then it's not the end.
-Ed Sheeran

Fetus Luke gives me hope.