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Currently on a break. Will be back soon with new stories and stuff. check out whatever stories/works that i currently have up and tell me what you think.

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    Well hello my people. I've been using wattpad alot more recently. i think it's the same username but i'm nor really sure. I'm going to be really honest and say- my writing sucks. it really does and i haven't been post much of anything except opinionated work. I have discovered that i'm alot worse then i originally thought so, for now on, i will NOT be posting any actual story about fictional characters. I will also be taking a break from writing on movella and wattpad until i figure out what to do. I probably won't continue until a week before my new grade level begins and then after that i might post once a week, or atleast once a month.
    I just want to say that i'm very thankful for my 3 followers who probably don't really give a shit about this little note or what i'm writing about. Just, thanks for letting me know that i might be doing something right.

    Until next time,
    J. Brownie
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    OMG Clara isn't dead!!!!!!!!!! Update sooon!!!!!!!
    For The Love Of Leesi
    For The Love Of...
    Eighteen years and I have finally found out who my parents are--well my father anyway. Knowing that you're father is Zayn Malik from the used-to-be huge boy band is a complete change. So it looks like...
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    update sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!
    Little White Lies.
    Little White Lies.
    Lilly is Eleanor's identical twin sister. Eleanor is perfect, flawless. Studying at university, and dating Louis Tomlinson. Lilly works in a café and has been single since the age of 16. Eleanor needs...
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    It's so sad :(
    The hidden
    The hidden
    The hidden - Yet another dark story written by me - This story is about Nelly, who is a normal popular girl. She has friends and the school's hottest guy Harry is interested in her. A new guy comes...
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    Hey, my name is Jessi but I like to go by Jess. I have black hair with some red streaks mixed in and blue eyes. I would like to be Louis' BFF.
    Btw great story :)
    Love At First "Bite"
    Love At First "Bit...
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